COVID-19 in Australia by the numbers this week

Australia has recorded a 26% reduction in COVID-19 weekly case numbers based on reporting from states and territories.

More than 42,000 positive cases were recorded this week, noting this is likely not a true reflection of the case situation nationally owing to the removal of mandatory reporting.

11.2 million people have reported positive test since the pandemic began.

Jurisdictions also reported 413 deaths in the last week, the highest number since the end of the last wave in September.

Hospitalisations and ICU admissions continue to decrease.

Nationally, 92% of eligible people have received their first dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine, 89.6% have completed the full dose, 72.2% have received a booster and 44.4 (up 0.1%) have received a fourth dose.

New South Wales

NSW reported 14,053 new cases in the last reporting period (down from 19,793) and 112 deaths. According to surveillance reports, the BR.2 subvariant is the most common form of the SARS-CoV-2 virus detected in samples, with emerging subvariants XBB 1.5 and XBF being monitored.


Reported 7,908 new cases in the past week (down 35%) and 149 deaths (up from 108 last week). Hospitalisations and ICU admissions continue to decrease. XBF infections account for 29% of detections, ahead of BA.2.75 and its sublineages (22%) and BQ.1 and BQ1.1 (18%). BR.2.1 – which is believed to have originated in New South Wales – is also showing growth among detections.


Queensland reported 9,386 new cases and 77 lives lost this week – a figure last seen back in September 2022.

Western Australia

5618 new infections were reported in Western Australia this week. 23 deaths were also reported. 228 people are currently hospitalised and 15 are in ICU.

South Australia

SA’s new cases dropped to 3,261 this week and 38 deaths (up from 20 the week prior). 128 people are in hospital and 6 in ICU.


Tasmania has reported 1230 new cases this week and eight deaths. 37 people are currently hospitalised with 3 in ICU.


The ACT reported 1012 new cases and six deaths this week. 59 people are hospitalised.

Northern Territory

355 new cases were reported in the Territory this week, bringing the state’s total to 103,914. 23 people are currently hospitalised. No deaths or ICU admissions were reported.

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