COVID-19 in Australia by the numbers: Week ending 10 February

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The slow decline in Australia COVID-19 cases continues, with state and territory surveillance reports indicating just 621 fewer new cases since last Friday.

Deaths reported across the nation increased this week, owing to a glut of 94 previously unreported mortality figures emerging from South Australia.

In a statement, SA Health explained “following a reconciliation of data received from Births, Deaths and Marriages SA, SA Health has identified 94 people who tested positive for COVID-19 who passed away between 24 November 2022 to 9 February 2023 who have not been previous recorded.”

Australia-wide hospitalisations decreased by more than 20% week-on-week, with fewer than 50 people now in intensive care nationwide.

COVID-19 in Australia

New South Wales

NSW reported 6,440 new cases (down from 6,567 the week prior), 62 deaths (down from 88), 931 hospitalisations (down from 1,031) and 24 people in ICU (up from 19). Surveillance reports show the XBF variant of SARS-CoV-2 is the most common circulating in the state, with the NSW-origin BR.2 subvariant, BA.2.75 and CH.1.1 also circulating.


Victoria reported 2,941 new cases (down from 3,056), 52 deaths (down from 70), 118 hospitalisations (down from 114) and 7 people in ICU (no change). XBF accounts for over half of wastewater detections, with BA2.75 accounting for 24% of other detections.


Queensland reported 3,866 new cases (down from 4,414), 33 deaths (down from 35), 183 hospitalisations (down from 226) and six people in ICU (down from 18).

Western Australia

WA reported 2,093 new cases (down from 2,146), 33 deaths (down from 35), 113 hospitalisations (down from 154) and one person in ICU (down from two).

South Australia

SA reported 1,495 new cases (up from 1,285), 94 deaths (up from 14), 52 hospitalisations (down from 65) and four people in ICU (down from five).


Tasmania reported 359 new cases (up from 321), no deaths (down from three), 11 hospitalisations (down from 18) and no one in ICU (down from one).


The ACT reported 401 new cases (down from 420), no deaths (down from five), six hospitalisations (down from 11) and no one in ICU (no change).

Northern Territory

The NT reported 160 new cases (down from 166), no deaths (no change) and 13 hospitalisations (down from 14).

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