Ozempic and Wegovy: the diabetes drugs taking the weightloss world by storm

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If you’re a diabetic, semaglutide – sold as Ozempic – is potentially a vitally important medication for you.

Good luck getting a hold of it though. Since it’s been discovered as an effective weightloss treatment, Ozempic and its new weightloss-targeting formulation Semaglutide have become widely prescribed, leading to a global shortage.

With celebrity endorsements for these drugs causing many to ask whether it’s the right intervention for their weight management, it’s never been more important to trim the facts from the fiction of semaglutide.

In the eighth episode of ‘Debunks’, the new podcast series from Cosmos and Nine Podcasts, Matthew Ward Agius talks to the experts about semaglutide and how it helps weight management and whether it works for everyone.

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