Does social media make us feel bad about ourselves?

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By Cosmos

From #girldinner to #fitspiration, there’s no escaping social media – nor its memes and hashtags – for today’s teens and young people.

In the latest episode of ‘Debunks’ on Screens, Cosmos journalist Jacinta Bowler checks their socials to connect with experts including: Flinders University Associate Professor Ivanka Pritchard, clinical psychologist Dr Danielle Einstein, Monash University Associate Professor Gemma Sharp, and Nicola Palfrey, Head of Clinical Leadership at Headspace – to scroll through the evidence on young people, social media, body image and mental health.

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Does videogame violence make people violent? Am I binge-watching too much? Get the facts on screens you can’t unsee. Listen to the new season of Debunks now.

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