Signs (and portents) from the March for Science

On Saturday, 22 April – Earth Day – scientists and science enthusiasts around the world came out in their thousands and tens of thousands for the March for Science, a “celebration of science” in the face of “an alarming trend toward discrediting scientific consensus and restricting scientific discovery”.

More than 600 marches were held on all seven continents, from Washington to Sydney and from Svalbard to Antarctica.

Mfs sydney
Sydney, Australia. One of the first of the more than 600 marches around the world.
Peter Parks / AFP / Getty Images
Mfs toulouse
Toulouse, France.
NurPhoto via Getty Images
Mfs rome
Rome, Italy. With a statue of Giordano Bruno – an early advocate of Copernican cosmology burned at the stake for heresy – in the background.
Simona Granati / Corbis via Getty Images
Mfs paris
Paris, France.
John van Hasselt / Corbis via Getty Images
Mfs london
London, UK.
Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP / Getty Images
Mfs washington1
On the way to the march in Washington, DC.
Jahi Chikwendiu / The Washington Post via Getty Images
Mfs washington2
Washington, DC.
Bill Clark / CQ Roll Call
Mfs washington3
Washington, DC.
Bill Clark / CQ Roll Call
Mfs philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Bastiaan Slabbers / NurPhoto via Getty Images
Mfs boston
Boston, Massachusetts.
Ryan McBride / AFP / Getty Images
Mfs sanfran1
San Francisco, California.
Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images
Mfs seattle1
A labrador in a lab coat, with some humans. Seattle, Washington.
Karen Ducky / Getty Images

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