Beer packaging safe for sea life to eat

Phil Ritchie reports on one brewery's efforts to reduce the number of harmful plastic rings that threaten marine wildlife.

Marine life needs no longer suffer side effects from irresponsible beer packaging disposal, thanks to a small US brewery.

Using wheat and barley left over from the brewing process, Saltwater Brewery in Florida came up with an edible and biodegradable alternative to the plastic that holds six-packs of beer together.

Unlike plastic rings, which can poison or entangle sea life, the edible rings can’t harm animals. Not only do they break down in water, they're edible too.

While the exact details of the manufacturing process are shrouded in mystery, and the efficacy of the product is yet to be proved, the development is a step towards a cleaner ocean.

If plastic disposal is left unchecked, it will outweigh the number of fish in the ocean by 2050, according to a report presented at the World Economic Forum in January.

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