Regional Australia has opportunities to grasp as supply chain reality sinks in

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Small government startup grants focus on mining to interrupt China’s lithium and other rare minerals dominance, writes Jamie Seidel at Cosmos Weekly.

Forget market forces. After the disruption of COVID-19 and global financial meltdowns, resilience is the new catch cry, sending investors, geologists, engineers and scientists back into regional Australia.

All it takes is one spanner in the works for the whole finely-tuned just-in-time supply chain to come crashing down.

COVID19 shuttered industry, mines, ports and retail. The invasion of Ukraine has seen food and fuel prices explode. And unprecedented heat waves and floods have swept Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia.

Climate change needs to be addressed – fast – but the suppliers of many of the key ingredients behind “green” technology have proven unreliable.

“The key strategic message here for Australia, Japan, the US and other like-minded countries is that market forces alone aren’t going to fix this problem.”

– Australian Strategic Policy Institute analyst Dr John Coyne

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