nobel prizes

  • Wangarĩ Maathai grows a movement

    Kenyan scientist and Nobel Prize winner fought for a better environment for African women.

    In 1977, more than 40 years before United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York unveiled the Gre...

    Agriculture March 8, 2021
  • Arrhenius takes the future’s temperature

    Pioneering climate scientist Svante Arrhenius won the 1903 Nobel chemistry prize.

    Each year the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences produces a commemorative booklet to pay tribute to “a per...

    Chemistry February 28, 2021
  • Weather check: Paul Crutzen

    Farewell to the father of the Anthropocene.

    Paul Crutzen, Nobel laureate and one of the world’s most distinguished climate scientists, died on 28 January 2021, a...

    Chemistry February 7, 2021
  • History

    The vision of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin

    Captured for life by chemistry and crystals.

    Crystallography sounds as if it could be among services on offer at a fortune-teller’s shop, alongside tarot cards an...

    Chemistry October 9, 2020
  • Opinion

    The sky is not the limit

    World Space Week the perfect time to look forward and up.

    Space is a part of our daily lives here on Earth: think multi-day weather forecasts, directions on your smartphone fr...

    Features October 8, 2020
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