• Explainer: what is viral load?

    … and how does a vaccine affect it?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced us to a raft of new terminology in the past two years, with important implicatio...

    COVID October 27, 2021
  • COVID's genetic solution?

    A lucky few are unusually resistant to COVID-19. Scientists are trying to find a reason in their ...

    Some people get severely sick with COVID-19. Others don’t even notice they’ve caught the infection. The phenomenon...

    COVID October 19, 2021
  • Conversation

    Coronavirus jumped from animals to humans multiple times

    Zoonotic viruses aren’t uncommon and challenge the lab-leak hypothesis.

    By Hamish McCallum The origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which has caused the COVID-19 pandemic, has been hotly deba...

    COVID September 25, 2021
  • How are dangerous viruses contained in Australia?

    Viruses are nasty, but they still need to be studied. What biosecurity safety precautions are in ...

    Researching viruses can sometimes be dangerous, so there are many safety measures put in place to protect laboratory ...

    Features June 16, 2021
  • Why antibiotics shouldn’t be in soap

    It’s the “soap” in antibacterial soap that’s protecting your hands – not the “antibacterial”.

    You might assume that a soap or a cleaning product labelled as “antimicrobial” or “antibacterial” is a safer, more hy...

    Chemistry April 26, 2021
  • Covid Booster: herd immunity and nature nurture

    5 things we learned about COVID this week.

    Herd immunity is impossible without vaccination A review led by Australian researchers has found that no country h...

    COVID April 10, 2021
  • COVID Booster

    Five things we learned about COVID this week.

    Cities encouraging cyclists, with good results Aside from being cheap and environmentally friendly, a bicycle is o...

    COVID April 3, 2021
  • COVID inequality explained

    Higher expression of ACE2 protein is found in the elderly and men.

    As COVID-19 vaccine rollouts begin, a large focus has been on vaccinating target groups, including the elderly. Choos...

    Health January 20, 2021
  • What's so scary about the UK variant?

    Are new COVID-19 strains a more dangerous threat?

    The new highly infectious variant of SARS-CoV-2 first identified in the United Kingdom last December has landed in Au...

    Medicine January 9, 2021
  • Research

    COVID-19 Booster: Asymptomatic carriers

    The five new things science learned about COVID-19 this week.

    1. Protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2 could last up to eight months A new US study reveals nearly all COVID-19...

    Features January 8, 2021
  • Cosmos Briefing: Epidemiological Modelling

    Epidemiologists on modelling and our COVID response.

    Multiple models helped achieve the successful pandemic management strategies implemented in Australia at both state a...

    Cosmos Briefing January 6, 2021
  • Report

    Handling COVID-19 as we move into 2021

    Scientists say vaccines alone won’t keep Australia safe.

    High levels of testing, efficient vaccine distribution and addressing mental health issues will be critical if Austra...

    Features December 15, 2020
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