• Cancer mortality has fallen in Australia

    Cancer is causing fewer deaths, but there’s still plenty of work to do.

    Cancer is becoming less deadly in Australia, according to the most recent biennial large-scale analysis.The Austr...

    Medicine November 30, 2021
  • A simple swab to make a world of difference

    The next big thing in the prevention of cervical cancer has arrived – no Pap smears required.

    Cervical cancer is unique: it’s the one cancer that can be almost entirely prevented through a combination of vaccina...

    Medicine November 26, 2021
  • A smart way to monitor melanoma

    Self-monitoring with a smartphone may be a smart way to check for some skin cancers.

    Monitoring for a recurrent melanoma may be as simple as using a smartphone, according to Australian and New Zealand r...

    Body and Mind November 25, 2021
  • Dead bacteria take up the fight against cancer

    A novel, low-cost, non-toxic treatment might help kick-start the immune system and shrink cancer.

    Researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) have discovered that injecting dead bacteria into a solid tum...

    Medicine November 8, 2021
  • Why does nearly every genetics paper mention cancer?

    How does this affect our understanding of the human genome?

    Have you ever felt like every week or two a new story comes out saying that something is linked to cancer? A meta-ana...

    Biology October 28, 2021
  • Link between sperm development and testicular cancer

    NANOS2 gene promotes sex determination but could lead to tumours if absent.

    Testicular cancer could be linked to faulty sperm development leftover from defective cells as an embryo, according t...

    Body and Mind April 28, 2021
  • Is your dog at risk of cancer?

    Genomics shows some breeds are more susceptible.

    Specific genes put some dog breeds at greater risk of cancer.According to a new study published in PLOS Genetics,...

    Animals April 2, 2021
  • Looking for lung cancer

    The US has widened the pool of people eligible for annual lung cancer screening.

    The US Department of Health is now recommending the cohort of Americans eligible for yearly lung cancer screening be ...

    Health March 10, 2021
  • You may have missed…

    Stray science stories from last week to cheer up your Monday.

    Please wear a mask when taking selfies with gorillasGorillas can catch SARS-CoV-2 from humans: in January, it spr...

    Animals February 22, 2021
  • Breast cancer focus

    Research groups find increased prevalence and suggest earlier screening.

    Breast cancer has hit the spotlight. While a global study finds it has now overtaken lung cancer as the world’s most ...

    Body and Mind February 11, 2021
  • Bad hormones

    Synthetic progesterone linked to brain tumours.

    Prolonged use of hormones may have long-term consequences for women.A team of researchers led by Alain Weill from...

    Chemistry February 4, 2021
  • Eating out: care needed

    Risk of HPV-related throat cancer is higher with multiple oral-sex partners.

    Seems we need to take care when going down, because the frequency of oral sex might increase the risk of human papill...

    Body and Mind January 11, 2021
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