Giddy-up: origins of the domestic horse uncovered

The modern domestic horse is beloved worldwide as a favoured pet or an aid in the busy work of tending crops and livestock. But scientists looking to untangle the messy evolutionary roots of the modern horse have often been frustrated by false lines of inquiry. Now, a new study in the journal Nature has revealed … Continue reading Giddy-up: origins of the domestic horse uncovered

Skull data challenges domestication theory

Despite their varied genetic origins, domesticated animals have a lot of traits in common, and it’s not entirely clear why. But a study by Australian and Swiss researchers has added another piece to the domestication puzzle, challenging a theory that tries to account for overarching similarities between animals. “We see many different species that are … Continue reading Skull data challenges domestication theory

You may have missed…

The domestic history of goats How and where were goats domesticated? 10,000-year-old DNA might be able to tell us. A genomic study of ancient goat remains from the Zagros Mountains in Turkey and northern Iraq, published in PNAS, suggests that ancient goatherds were keeping female sheep and removing males from the herd. The genetics showed … Continue reading You may have missed…

So tell us, what is up Skip?

Fans of the iconic television show Skippy (and that oft-repeated question, “what’s up Skip?”) will be pleased to know that kangaroos do in fact try to communicate with humans.  While they can’t capture crooks or play the drums like the star of the show, a new study reveals that kangaroos gaze at humans to ask for help … Continue reading So tell us, what is up Skip?