Can Indigenous knowledge help put the bounce back into Country?

Much discussion of climate change concerns how humans will survive the heat; but what of our landscapes, how will they cope?

Do some landscapes have more resilience than others; and might we be thwarting that natural ability to “bounce back” —say after a drought—through modern land management practises?

What does the science say, and can Indigenous knowledge help?

In this Cosmos Country podcast we hear from Dr Katherine Tuft of conservation research group Arid Recovery, and to Aaron Thomas, CEO of Kokotha Enterprises, an Aboriginal group managing extensive lands in South Australia’s arid north.

Earlier the Cosmos Country team explored Indigenous fire practices. Reporters Jamie Seidel and Glenn Morrison talked to innovative fire scientist Dr Rohan Fisher of Charles Darwin University’s Northern Institute.

The Greenlight Project is a year-long look at how regional Australia is preparing for and adapting to climate change.

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