Watch live: Artemis confirmed for launch at 5:48pm AEDT

After a series of delays, Artemis I’s new launch window will open at 1:48am local time (5:48pm AEDT) today.

The mission’s launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson has authorised launch of the Space Launch System which will power the Orion Spacecraft towards the Moon.  

Fuel loading will conclude in the final seconds before launch.

Artemis marks NASA’s return to lunar exploration, with this uncrewed flight intended to put the Orion spacecraft into orbit around the Moon. Artemis II will send astronauts into orbit around the moon, and Artemis III will land humans on the moon for the first time in over 50 years since the Apollo missions.

But the mission has been held up by weather delays and issues with fuelling the new Space Launch System, which is currently the most powerful rocket built.

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A launch this week would put the mission length at 26-28 days. After take off, the Space Launch System will begin to separate from the Orion spacecraft.

Artemis 1 mission nasa infographic 2022

With countdown underway, there are a series of milestones that need to be completed.

Pre-Launch Timeline

Time to launchLocal startLocal endAEDTActivity
9h15m- 9h3:49 PM4:04 PM7:49 AMCore stage Liquid Oxygen (LOX) transfer line chilldown
9h15m – 8h 45m3:49 PM4:19 PM7:49 AMCore stage Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) transfer line chilldown
9h – 8h 20m4:04 PM4:44 PM8:04 AMCore stage (LOX) main propulsion system chilldown
8h 45m – 7h 50m4:19 PM5:14 PM8:19 AMCore stage LH2 slow fill start
8h 20m – 8h 5m4:44 PM4:59 PM8:44 AMCore stage LOX slow fill
8h 5m – 5h 15m4:59 PM7:49 PM8:59 AMCore stage LOX fast fill
7h 50m – 6h 10m5:14 PM6:54 PM9:14 AMCore stage LH2 fast fill
7h 40 m – 7h 20 m5:24 PM5:44 PM9:24 AMEngine bleed kick start, Core stage LH2 topping
6h 5m – launch6:59 PM1:04 AM10:59 AMCore stage LH2 replenish
5h 15m – 5h 5m7:49 PM7:59 PM11:49 AMCore stage LOX topping
5h 15m – 5h7:49 PM8:04 PM11:49 AMInterim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS) LH2 ground support equipment and tank chilldown
5h 5m – launch7:59 PM1:04 AM11:59 AMCore stage LOX replenish
5h 5m – 4h 45m7:59 PM8:19 PM11:59 AMICPS LOX main propulsion system chilldown
5h 5m – 4h 5m7:59 PM8:59 PM11:59 AMICPS LH2 fast fill start
4h 20m – 3h 45m8:44 PM9:19 PM12:44 PMOrion communications system activated
4h 55m – 4h 10m8:09 PM8:54 PM12:09 PMICPS LOX fast fill
4h 10m – 3h 40m8:54 PM9:24 PM12:54 PMICPS LOX validation and leak test
4h – 3h 40m9:04 PM9:24 PM1:04 PMICPS LH2 validation and leak test
3h 40m – 3h 25m9:24 PM9:39 PM1:24 PMICPS LH2 tank topping start
3h 25m – launch9:39 PM1:04 AM1:39 PMICPS LH2 replenish
3h 40m – 3h 20m9:24 PM9:44 PM1:24 PMICPS LOX topping
3h 20m – launch9:29 PM1:04 AM1:29 PMICPS LOX replenish
3h – 2h50m10:04 PM10:19 PM2:04 PMICPS/Space Launch System (SLS) telemetry data verified with Mission Control Center and SLS Engineering Support Center
2h 55m – 2h 45m10:09 PM10:19 PM2:09 PMICPS/Space Launch System telemetry data verified with Mission Control Center and SLS Engineering Support Center
2h 55m – 2h 30m10:09 PM10:34 PM2:09 PMICPS LOX validation and leak test
2h 50m – launch10:19 PM1:04 AM2:19 PMICPS LH2 replenish
2h 30m – 2h 10m10:34 PM10:54 PM2:34 PMICPS LOX topping
2h 10m – launch10:54 PM1:04 AM2:54 PMICPS LOX replenish
50m12:14 AM  Final NASA Test Director briefing is held
40m12:24 AM  Built in 30-minute countdown hold begins, launch director polls the team to ensure they are “go” for launch

Artemis I Launch sequence timeline

T-10m12:54 AM 4:54 PMBuilt in 30-minute countdown hold begins, launch director polls the team to ensure they are “go” for launch
T-6m12:58 AM 4:58 PMGround Launch Sequencer (GLS) go for core stage tank pressurization; Orion ascent pyros are armed; Orion set to internal power
T-5m57s12:58 AM 4:58 PMCore stage LH2 terminate replenish
T-5m12:59 AM 4:59 PMGLS is go for flight termination system (FTS) arm
T-4m40s12:59 AM 4:59 PMGLS is go for LH2 high flow bleed check
T-4m1:00 AM 5:00 PMGLS is go for core stage auxiliary power unit (APU) start; Core Stage APU starts; Core stage LOX terminate replenish
T-3m30s1:00 AM 5:00 PMICPS LOX terminate replenish
T-3m10s1:00 AM 5:00 PMGLS is go for purge sequence 4
T-1m56s1:02 AM 5:02 PMICPS switches to internal battery power
T-1m30s1:02 AM 5:02 PMCore stage switches to internal power
T-1m20s1:02 AM 5:02 PMICPS enters terminal countdown mode
T-50s1:03 AM 5:03 PMICPS LH2 terminate replenish
T-33s1:03 AM 5:03 PMGLS sends “go for automated launch sequencer” command
T-30s1:03 AM 5:03 PMCore stage flight computer to automated launching sequencer
T-12s1:03 AM 5:03 PMHydrogen burn off igniters initiated
T-10s1:03 AM 5:03 PMGLS sends the command for core stage engine start
T-6.36s1:03 AM 5:03 PMRS-25 (main engine) engines startup
T-01:04 AM 5:04 PMBooster ignition, umbilical separation, and liftoff

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