Royal Institution honours prominent achievers

The Royal Institution of Australia, the owner of Cosmos, has honoured four prominent Australian scientists and leaders with a prestigious Bragg Membership, in a ceremony held this week. 

On behalf of the institution’s patron, the Duke of Kent, chairman Peter Yates formally inducted Australian Space Agency head Megan Clark, intensive care physician Michael Reade, pain researcher and pharmaceutical innovator Maree Smith, and Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas, as Honorary Bragg Members.

Named after the prominent Australian Pioneer scientists, Sir William Henry Bragg and Sir William Lawrence Bragg, Honorary Bragg Membership is the highest category of membership awarded by The Royal Institution of Australia and recognises excellence in scientific achievement and commitment to science in Australia.

“In Australia, we are truly fortunate to have so many remarkable scientists and scientific leaders, who are each making a significant contribution to the future of this country and beyond,” says Yates.

“We are pleased to welcome our new inductees and to celebrate the achievements of these inspirational people.”

“By acknowledging and honouring our industry leaders, we hope to inspire the next generation of scientists and STEM graduates who will play an important role in the development of Australia as an innovative nation.” 

The new inductees join 40 other distinguished Bragg Members, including former astronaut Andy Thomas, developer of the HPV vaccine, Ian Frazer, Nobel Prize winners Brian Schmidt and Elizabeth Blackburn.

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