New podcast takes us to the dizzy heights

270317 vertigoblog 1

If you’ve ever wondered how you might urinate on the moon – and even if you haven’t – Cosmic Vertigo has the answer for you. 

The new science podcast from the ABC takes you on a voyage through the universe – and who knew how side-slipttingly funny that could be.

Astrophysicists Amanda Bauer and Alan Duffy (the latter a regular on the pages of Cosmos) make for hilarious, genuine company as hosts and their explanations of the phenomenons that challenge the importance our tiny existence are clear – even for the lay listener.

Whether it’s an existential crisis, or just a general sense of wonderment, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone whose thoughts haven’t wandered out into the galaxy, pondering what’s out there and how it came to be. But the truth is, it’s complicated. 

Thankfully Cosmic Vertigo breaks it down into bite sized pieces so even the scientific novice can understand. 

Alan and Amanda’s wit, charm and intelligent banter first takes us to the moon, the seemingly constant lump of rock and iron above us that humanity has always been fascinated by, drawn in by its romance, mystery and otherworldly glow. But as I was drawn into Amanda and Alan’s cosmic vertigo, it became clear that the moon isn’t so constant after all. It was 20 times larger at the time it was formed and consequently much, much brighter.

As it moves ever so slowly away from the Earth, it slows down our orbit, making us wonder who is boss – or perhaps we’re just a primordial marble at the mercy of the solar system around us.

If, like me, you struggle to engage fully with the ever changing complexities of the world of astrophysics, this podcast is for you. From the gassy clouds of Jupiter to the crushing atmospheric pressure of Venus, you’ll uncover the quirks of the solar system and unanswered questions that keep even the most intelligent minds wondering.

Amanda and Alan approach their subject in a relatable way without the jargon but with the hard and fast facts. I, for one, am looking forward to diving deeper into Cosmic Vertigo during the episodes to come.

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