InSight gets set to land on Mars

An artist's impression of the insight mission touching down.

An artist’s impression of the InSight mission touching down.


NASA’s InSight mission is due to touch down on Mars in the next few hours.

Short for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport, InSight is a robotic lander that is set to examine the interior of the planet. It will touch down in a region known as Elysium Plantia.

The eagerly awaited landing phase will begin when the craft reaches the edge of the Martian atmosphere, about 128 kilometres above the surface, and be complete a mere six minutes later.

The event is due to happen on Monday, November 26 at 3pm ET, 8pm UTC, and 7am, Tuesday, November 27, AEDT.

Cosmos will bring you all the InSight landing news, as it happens.

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