Exploring Mars: Have your questions answered

As the year 2020 creeps closer, so do NASA plans to launch their biggest search for life on Mars. As part of National Science Week, UNSW Sydney’s Big Questions Institute is partnering with the Sydney Opera House to present an exciting panel of leading scientists to discuss Australia’s involvement in the upcoming mission. 

Led by Dr Graham Phillips, panelists will dive head first into the big questions: Will Mars be humanity’s first step toward inhabiting the galaxy? Is there simple life on the red planet? And how does NASA plan to get us there one day?

Amongst other industry leading peers, the panel will include Cosmos’ own columnist Professor Paul Davies who will address our place in the universe, and what will happen if we do indeed find life on Mars.

The event promises to be a fascinating insight into the world of space exploration and exciting things to come. For more information, visit the Sydney Opera House website here

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