Boozing with boffins

Pint of Science is a celebration of research and reason set to take place in pubs around the globe between May 14 and 16. The event will be held in 21 countries. In Australia, dozens of hostelries will welcome scientists and the science-curious into the bar.

The idea to facilitate the co-mingling of common folk and boffins came from two researchers who wanted to communicate their love and passion for science. In 2012, they invited members of the general public in to their neuroscience laboratories at the Imperial College of London. 

From there the event has grown in scale and popularity, and migrated to a highly accessible location – a nearby boozer. From there, the idea grew legs. Last year saw 10 countries and 162 pubs participate.

This year, 88 events will be held in various Australian cities, from the South Australian capital Adelaide, to the town of Dalby in Queensland. 

Topics covered include biological sciences, linguistics and astronomy. The organisers generally infuse the evenings with quizzes and giveaways (which usually include more beer), and encourage people to chat with scientists over a pint.  

This year’s event has the support of Australia’s premier national scientific body, the CSIRO. 

To find out what’s happening near you – wherever in the world you might be – click here.

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