Killer asteroids and stargazing

Fred Watson’s been a fixture of Australian astronomy for decades, perhaps best known for his work promoting and explaining science and astronomy on television, radio and through publications.

In addition to a long career at the Australian Astronomical Observatory and now as astronomer-at-large for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, he is the author of several popular books, a regular radio presenter, and keen musician.

Cosmos caught up with Fred to talk about his work as an astronomer-at-large and about his new book, Spacewarp: Colliding Comets and other Cosmic Catastrophes, released on 1 November 2021. In this video, Fred takes us through topics including the tale of what got him interested in astronomy, the James Webb Space Telescope, the Dark Sky Alliance, and how we can improve our skies for professional and amateur astronomers alike.

To learn more about the calendar mentioned in the video, see here.

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