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Cosmos digs deeper in its quarterly magazine with exclusive stories available in print or as a digital magazine. In this issue, The Science of Fire, we ask the burning questions in a changing world. How did we get here, where are we going, and how can science guide us to make the right choices?


  • SAVE $5: Australian residents can buy the latest print magazine for $12 (including postage).* 
  • SAVE $4: The digital version of the print magazine is on sale to all readers for $4.99. It is perfect for international readers on their tablets, laptops and desktops.  
  • Meet the ecologists, modellers and pyrogeographers who are using data to help Australia negotiate its relationship with fire
  • Get the cold hard facts on Big Pharma’s bottom line, and explore alternative models of drug research and development that put people over profit
  • Find out what a world without maths would look like and why you might need numbers more than you think
  • Walk both sides of Goyder’s Line to get a fast-tracked taste of a climate-changed landscape
  • Talk with a climate extremes expert about the record-shattering year that was 2023 and what to do next
  • Journey up to Arnhem Land to meet a collaboration between Western science and First Nations knowledge that is restoring country – and rediscovering species
  • Take your bearings on a vector voyage, and learn what birds and bees can teach us about neurobiology

All this plus animated forests, EV myth-busting, the delightful origins of orange, puzzles and more.

Cosmos: explore your universe with us.

*(NOTE: International readers can purchase the print magazine but we are unable to offer a discount due to the high cost of postage. Select your country to find the price.)

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