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Bound into the fresh season and prepare to be scientifically challenged on a range of matters with the spring edition of Cosmos – the science of everything.

  • Can artificial intelligence (AI) make art? You’d be excused for thinking so given what some platforms are capable of. But is it really art?
  • Hear from the experts about the newly crowned Australian Mammal of the Year and learn why the winner, a tiny rare bat, is so cool.
  • Take a lingering look at some of the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope, and rejoice again at the information that will flow from it in years to come.
  • Meet the former New York City graffiti artist who’s taken to painting in nature, literally using nature as a canvas and a palette.
  • Learn what’s known, and the many things that still aren’t, about sight. Have you ever considered that physics might play the most important role in seeing?
  • Consider the evolutionary reasons why you grind your teeth – do chronic grinders need psychologists more than they need dentists?
  • Descend into the water column to spend time with of one of the world’s ancient mariners – the venerable nautilus.
  • Join one of Australia’s leading illustrators to understand why bird field guides still prefer old-fashioned illustrations to modern alternatives.
  • Strap yourself in for a look at what could be the future of machine racing – a Formula 1 style aerial series featuring electric-powered octocopters.
  • Why do we yawn – and why are yawns contagious? We explore the science of this most common and mysterious of reflexes.

All this and the latest science news, fun puzzlers and new ways of seeing our world, all in this issue of Australia’s last science magazine.


Cosmos 96: The science of everything.

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