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Trapped at home with the cold and wet weather? Explore the world of game changers. The perfect solution to the winter blues is Cosmos – the science of everything

  • A new, super-accurate measurement of the boson might be the thing that changes physics forever.
  • Is it possible to make software that takes humanity’s diversity into account? A group of Australian researchers think so.
  • Just because we know how to edit genes doesn’t necessarily mean we should. But what if a bit of CRISPR Cas9 work is the best hope to save a species from extinction?
  • Feeling lonely is more than a passing thing. Research is teaching us that it affects us profoundly and chemically – right down to the cells.
  • From Antarctic water to Kenyan savannah, stunning images from the 2021 World Nature Photography Awards.
  • There’s plenty to celebrate about the possibility of driverless cars – and a fair bit to be worried about, in our excerpt from the new book Machines Behaving Badly.
  • A new paper has re-examined the evolutionary origins of monotremes – and it raises as many questions as it answers.Surely there are clear reasons – to do with talent and dedication – that explain success? As we discover, it’s not so easy.
  • How creatures prepare for the outside world, and why we should be paying attention.


Cosmos 95: The science of everything.

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