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Energy, Effort, Endeavour



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Relax into summer and get a holiday’s worth of fresh science in the December-February edition of Cosmos – the science of everything.

  • Measure up to ‘towers of power’ – will they really make it as a renewable energy source? Concentrated solar power (CSP) has had a troubled past – how is its future looking?
  • Learn about REMAP-CAP, a remarkable new type of clinical trial that learns on the run. The story of its success through the pandemic is fascinating and little-known.
  • Crack open the chemical secrets of the humble hen egg.
  • Meet the diverse band of marine animals that are bioluminescent. How do they conjure the magic trick that lights up the sea?
  • Consider the developing plans to get the precious rock and soil samples collected by Perseverance from Mars back to Earth for laboratory study.
  • Travel remote Top End waters with scientists and Indigenous rangers searching for marine megafauna.
  • Lay out the cutlery for a nibble at the nondescript duck weed that might turn out to be the perfect astronaut food for long-distance space travel.
  • Take a stroll through history to remember the extraordinary World War II era deeds of Adelaide-born scientists Mark Oliphant and Howard Florey.
  • Strap on the virtual reality goggles and go gaming – on Mars. Some new games have such ‘real’ Martian scenarios they’re almost like being there.
  • Slip, slap and slop through the UV-beating properties of sunscreens. What are they made of and how are they tested?

Add the latest research news, fun puzzlers, big ideas and new ways of seeing our world – all in this issue of Australia’s last science magazine.


Cosmos 97: The science of everything.

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