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Beyond The Palaeo



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In this issue:

  • We’re going into space to find an unexpectedly close possible location for alien life. Astrophysicist Sara Webb offers some surprising navigational tips.
  • New technology is changing the way we see our planet’s old inhabitants. As Evrim Yazgin explains, t-rex is first in line in the makeover stakes: perhaps
  • The world’s tallest living objects are the height of the MCG lights. They’re islands in the sky with an ecosystem to match. Lauren Fuge climbs to the top of the planet’s largest blue-gum to enter this rarely seen world.
  • We all love talking to our parents, but how about after they’re dead? A wave of new companies promise to gather your loved ones’ stories and build them into an eternal AI for you to chat to. Charlotte Jee travels into this confronting virtual reality.
  • Life on the Moon seems like sci-fi – but within 10 years a colony on the Moon is a likely reality. How? Jamie Seidel imagines a day in the life or our next lunar explorers: the tradies constructing our off-planet future.
  • A galaxy in the WA desert that can listen for aliens? Construction has started and both the scale and ambition are extraordinary. Jacinta Bowler travels to remote northwest to discover the SKA’s opportunities and its threats.
  • Cool bananas – they’re in danger, they are radioactive and they’re also a berry. Prepare to be amazed by Imma Perfetto.

All this plus much more – from the sublime to the amazing, and always entertaining.

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