• Worms programmed to die early

    It appears to be all for the sake of the colony.

    Here’s one for the evolutionary theorists. British researchers say they have found worms that are genetically pred...

    Evolution April 20, 2020
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    What is herd immunity?

    The important issues affecting vaccination uptake.

    The term herd immunity comes from the observation of how a herd of buffalo forms a circle, with the strong on the out...

    Medicine April 18, 2020
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    Developments in a vaccine for coronavirus

    First reduce the amount of virus during typical infection.

    SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is changing how we live. With a rapid increase in cases, we are now isola...

    Features April 6, 2020
  • The emotional lives of mice

    Machine learning detects distinct feelings from facial expressions.

    Cartoonists have captivated generations by humanising mice, from the enigmatic Mickey Mouse and charming Stuart Littl...

    Animals April 6, 2020
  • Gondwana in amber

    Fossil trove sheds light on ancient antipodean ecology.

    An international team of palaeontologists has discovered an assortment of intact amber fossils in the Southern Hemisp...

    Palaeontology April 3, 2020
  • More clues to the story of our past

    Three studies take a detailed look at important discoveries.

    It’s been a landmark day for learning about our ancestry, with the publication of not one but three major studies. ...

    Palaeontology April 2, 2020
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    Like a key to a lock

    It’s important to see the molecular machinery.

    In the race to develop a treatment for COVID-19, the disease threatening millions of lives around the world, scientis...

    Medicine March 30, 2020
  • Focus

    COVID frontline: Switzerland

    Cosmos is collecting stories about how the world is coping.

    By Matthias Hertl Population: 8.57 million  First Case: 25 February 2020 Cases 11,811 Deaths 191 (As of 26 M...

    Features March 30, 2020
  • Neanderthals ate brain food from the sea

    And they relied on it as much as early humans.

    Neanderthals were quite the foodies, it seems, as their diets included not only hunted animals and plant foods, but a...

    Archaeology March 30, 2020
  • The truth at the bottom of a bourbon shot

    Scientists discover that spilt Jim Beam has forensic value.

    The mark of a particular bourbon, it turns out, is not its taste, nor its price-point, nor even the clever design on ...

    Chemistry March 27, 2020
  • Animal ancestor primera

    Earliest ancestor of all modern animals identified.

    The ancient stone at Nilpena fossil site, about 600 kilometres north of Adelaide, South Australia, has yielded some o...

    Evolution March 25, 2020
  • Diverse genomes shed new light on our history

    Global gene sequencing effort tells of our evolutionary past.

    Genomic sequencing of nearly 1000 people – from minority communities often overlooked by geneticists – has provided a...

    Biology March 23, 2020
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