Cosmos Country: Shipwrecks and love for the ocean

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Regional communities looking for ways to diversify income and employment under climate change often turn to tourism. Recently, the Australian Tourism Commission created a data hub to help. It shows the value of Australian tourism by region; and the scale of incomes and number of people in the industry to be staggering.

The Cosmos Country podcast speaks with two people involved in tourism about how events can contribute to a diversified economy. Archaeologist Dr James Hunter is curator of Naval Heritage and Archaeology at the Australian National Maritime Museum. He recently highlighted the wreck called The South Australia, just offshore in Victor Harbour. Despite its size and importance to the history of South Australia, the wreck was only discovered less than a decade ago. Hunter is also exploring the southern SA coast in search of shipwrecks offshore of Robe.

And Carolyn Grant is Director of Engagement at the Ocean Lovers Festival in Sydney, a blend of ideas, arts and music.

They spoke to Cosmos Country’s podcast hosts Glenn Morrison and Marie Low.

The Royal Institution of Australia and are media supporters of the Ocean Lovers Festival. To discover more, watch the video below.

The Greenlight Project is a year-long look at how regional Australia is preparing for and adapting to climate change.

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