Understanding dementia

Did you know that dementia is Australia’s second biggest killer? More than 400,000 Australians live with dementia, with that figure expected to rise to 1.1 million by 2056. While nearly all of us know someone affected by the disease, many would argue that the general population simply doesn’t know enough about it.

Experts from The University of Queensland and Alzheimer’s Australia believe that knowledge is power. That’s why they released The Brain: Dementia, a new 24-page publication that’s designed to shed some much needed light on this challenging issue.

The publication is written to be accessible and informative for people from all walks of life, and is a crucial resource for anyone living with or affected by the disorder. The authors explain the science behind dementia, discussing the causes and risk factors, as well as the diagnosis process and how to live with the disease.

The team also shares some of the progress their researchers have made toward a better future for sufferers, including possible new diagnosis and treatment options.

This edition is the third in a series exploring the human brain. You can find each issue on the Queensland Brain Institute website.

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