The Periodic Playlist

It’s that time of year where we start looking for a bit of fun. With that in mind, we present our first crack at a Periodic Playlist: songs that feature the elements in their titles. There are indeed a lot of gaps to fill in – unless you are a fan of EDM music where you can just about fill everything. It indeed seems that EDM producers have a penchant for naming dance tracks after things like Polonium.

But in the interest of keeping it a little more diverse, we tried to stick to songs with lyrics (with a couple of exceptions). And we wanted to try and keep them listenable – Frank Zappa’s The Girl In The Magnesium Dress is hard work!

So here are a couple of videos to get you in the mood, but head to our Spotify Playlist to hear this full list.

Atomic NumberElementSong/Artist
2HeHelium, Sia
3LiLithium, Nirvana
4BeBeryllium, The Jellybricks
6CCarbon, Tori Amos
8OLove Is Like Oxygen, Sweet
10NeNeon, John Mayer
11NaSodium Light Baby, The The
13AlAluminium, Bare Naked Ladies
14SiSilicon, Prince
17ClPetrol & Chlorine, Silverchair
19KPotassium, Nancy Boy
22TiTitanium, David Guetta feat Sia
24CrChromium, The Church
25MnManganese, Thelonius Monk
26FeIron Man, Black Sabbath
28NiOn The Nickel, Tom Waits
29CuCopperhead Road, Steve Earle
30ZnZinc, New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble
36KrKryptonite, 3 Doors Down
46PdPlay Palladium, Weather Report
47AgSilver Coin, Angus & Julia Stone
50SnTin Soldier, Small Faces
53IIodine, Leonard Choen
78PtPlatinum, Miranda Lambert
79AuFools Gold, Stone Roses
80HgMercury Blues, Steve Miller Band
86RnRadon Balloon, Oysterhead
94PuPlutonium, The Arcs

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