Sydney hosts Apollo 11 anniversary exhibition

A new exhibition in the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, at the Powerhouse in Sydney, Australia, will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and take visitors back to this historic moment in space travel.

The exhibition, aptly named Apollo 11, opens on June 29, 2019, and will celebrate and explore the moment humans first landed on the moon.

More than 200 objects from the mission will be on display, including part of the Parkes Radio Telescope which received the first photograph transmission from the lunar surface.

“At the museum we have a strong connection to the history of space travel through our collection and an ongoing focus on astronomy at the Sydney Observatory,” says CEO Lisa Havilah.

The venue will also host a virtual reality experience developed with the University of New South Wales’ iCinema program, using 3D modelling from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC,  US. Visitors will be able to experience the moon landing from the perspective of Michael Collins, the astronaut tasked to remain in the Apollo Command Module in orbit around the moon.

Also on display will be a moon-themed piece by British installation artist Luke Jerram.

A series of talks and other events, including tours of the Sydney Observatory, will be prominently featured.

More details are available here.

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