STEM public speaking competition 2017

Let’s Torque, Melbourne’s premier STEM public speaking competition, has been rounded up for another year, with the grand champion having been announced last month.

The unique public speaking program was launched at Monash University to encourage science students to learn how to talk science and spread STEM ideas in an engaging and effective way.

Today, Let’s Torque sees finalists present a 5 minute talk on a STEM concept and explain how it could benefit Australia in an economic, environmental or social way.

Our very own Elizabeth Finkel, editor-in-chief of Cosmos, attended the final round at The Royal Society of Victoria to judge and deliver the keynote speech.

First place was taken out by Fergus McLaren, a Bachelor of Science Advanced student at Monash University. You can watch his fantastic presentation on plastic, consumerism and consumption above.

The runner up was named Rannee Li, a Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences student also from Monash University.

Both McLaren and Li took home a 2-year subscription to Cosmos magazine to congratulate them for this amazing achievement.

You can watch more of the 2017 final presentations on the Let’s Torque YouTube channel, or connect on their Facebook page.

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