Special event: Journeying to Jordan

Ever wondered what it would be like to wander through the ancient cities of Pella, Petra and Jerash? Jordan is an archaeologists’ dream, with some sites having been occupied for over 8,000 years.

The Australian Museum is hosting Stephen Bourke, archaeologist and Director of the Pella Excavation Project, as he shares the highlights of over 50 years of excavations in the region.

Archaeologists working on the site have uncovered a plethora of fascinating remains from Greek and Roman townhouses to Byzantine churches and industrial workshops.

Bourke will discuss some major discoveries made over the years, and their significance to the on-going research on the history of the southern Levant.

Journeying to Jordan: Adventures in archeology will be held at the Australian Museum in Canberra at 6pm on October 26. Advance booking is essential, and available on their website.

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