Science meets parliament

Every year Science & Technology Australia (STA) bring together over 200 STEM professionals to promote and discuss the role of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in politics at their Science meets Parliament event.

The 2018 chapter is fast approaching, due to be held in early February, where attendees will get the chance to build a profile for their work as we approach another federal election.

Science meets Parliament has a strong tradition of fostering relationships and understanding between STEM professionals and politicians since its inception in 1999, and is one of STA’s key projects that works toward a strong future for the nation’s science and technology.

Who is STA?

Before the 1980s there was a notable lack of public support and promotion for the science and technology industries. To help combat this and bring STEM issues into the limelight, a group of Australian bodies including the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Institute of Physics and the Australian Computer Society came together to form the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies (FASTS).

After years of advocating for science and technology in our society, FASTS became known as Science & Technology Australia (STA) in 2011 to better reflect its members and its work.

Today, STA is a respected and influential contributor to debate on public policy, and works hard to represent Australian science and technology both now and in the future.

They do this by focusing on four key areas – connecting with business to address commercial obstacles to STEM projects; fostering collaboration when facing common research and development issues; empowering STEM professionals by offering a range of workshops and events; and connecting with politics through regular submissions to government.

Science meets Parliament touches on all of these areas of expertise to give science and technology professionals a voice in parliament and a say in the future of STEM issues in our nation.

What to expect from Science meets Parliament?

Science Meets Parliament is a fantastic opportunity for STEM professionals to connect with their colleagues as they are given a peek in to the inside operations of the government.

The event is all about working with delegates to build and understand the connections between federal parliamentarians and those working in science and technology, and to ensure science stays on the agenda at this critical time.

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Prime Minister Turnbull meets with with STA CEO Kylie Walker, STA President Jim Piper and a group of Australian scientists and technologists
Credit: Science & Technology Australia

Science meets Parliament is a two day gathering of up to 200 delegates from science and technology industries. Held in Canberra, the event includes an invaluable day of professional development as well as a gala dinner in the Great Hall of Parliament, a televised National Press Club lunch, and a day at Parliament house including a parliamentary forum and networking event.

Delegates even get the opportunity to meet privately in small groups with parliamentarians to ensure that our voice, as part of the STEM community, is heard.

You can find out more about this unique event, including how to attend, on the STA website. In 2018, Science meets Parliament will be held from 13-14 February in Canberra. Tickets are on sale now.

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