Reimagining our approach to waste

ANU Climate Change Institute, in partnership with ANU Environment Collective, have launched Climate Café – a relaxed and accessible gathering to discuss ideas and questions on climate change. With a focus on jargon-free fun, the team at ANU are playing their part in keeping the dialogue going when it comes to the challenges, set-backs and successes in the fight against global warming and related topics.

This Monday 26 June, you’re invited to Climate Café to discuss how we can develop new ways of thinking and working around ‘waste’. As a society, our consumption of material goods is higher than ever and we’re throwing things away at a staggering rate. However, disposability is a relatively new concept – whose responsibility it waste? How do we give broken things value? Is this new pattern something we can turn around?

Academic and ANU lecturer Niklavs Rubenis will provide a short, thought provoking presentation and lead a group discussion of these very questions and more. To find out more about Mr Rubenis or to register for this event, visit the website here.

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