The next generation of space exploration

As Cassini continues to make history with the end of its epic 20 year odyssey, it’s never been more apparent just how far space exploration has come. Scientists know more than they ever have before, and with new technology and data at our fingertips, the potential for expanding our knowledge is seemingly endless. But, what does the next generation of space exploration actually look like?

The International Centre for Radio Astronomy (ICRAR) is hosting the Director General of the European Space Agency, Jan Woerner, in a public forum to try and shed some light on that very question.

During a rare trip to Western Australia, Woerner will join a panel of experts on Friday September 29 at University Club in Perth to discuss the next generation of space exploration and answer questions about Australia’s role in the future.

Tickets for this exciting event are free, and organisers are investigating options to record or live stream the event for all those who are unable to attend. Visit the ICRAR website for more information on how you can get involved.

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