Improbable feats and useless discoveries

Perimeter Institute is hosting a live webcast this Thursday November 9 with Pauline Gagnon, retired scientist and author who will explore the incredible, improbable and seemingly impractical scientific discoveries that have changed the world.

Previously a Senior Research Scientist at Indiana University and working at CERN, Gagnon says her mind has always pondered the big questions of the universe. Intrigued with what the universe was really made of, she studied particle physics and was part of the largest experiment ever built – CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

Today, retired from active research, Pauline Gagnon is passionate about feeding the curiosity of those of all ages, and is well versed in explaining the complex science of particle physics in engaging and comprehensible ways.

In this upcoming Public Lecture presented by the Perimeter Institute, Gagnon will explain some of humanity’s greatest experiments, and why this research – albeit seemingly impractical in terms of everyday usefulness – is vital to the future of our world.

Tickets for seats in the theatre are sold out, but you can tune in here on Thursday November 9 at 11am AEDT, or Wednesday November 8 at 7pm ET to watch the live webcast of the event.

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