Poetry, science & comedy at the Adelaide Fringe

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Patrick Davies Trumper and Phil Dooley in The Poet’s Guide to Science: a sceptic thinktank.

Credit: Adelaide Fringe

Theatre meets science in a comedic romp presented as part of the Adelaide Fringe – the largest annual celebration of alternative and independent art in Australia.

Science communicator and Cosmos contributor Phil Dooley joins forces with Shakespearean actor Patrick Davies Trumper for a fascinating and funny two-hander called The Poet’s Guide to Science: a sceptic thinktank.

The plot revolves around a character called Cy, who has lost his faith in science and visits his local doctor to try to revive it. The exercise is unsuccessful – so much so, in fact, the very soon the medico is equally distraught.

The pair head off in search of answers, and along the way encounter scientists from controversial research areas who cast light on age-old questions of facts and data, doubt and uncertainty belief and scepticism.

The result is a light-hearted invitation to laugh out loud and think down deep.

The Poet’s Guide to Science is directed by Michele Conyngham, and is on at the Queen Street Ballroom of Adelaide’s Rob Roy Hotel, from Thursday 14 March to Sunday 17 March.

Ticket are selling fast. They can be purchased here.

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