NT Young Tall Poppy award

Dr Matthew Grigg was named the 2017 NT Young Tall Poppy Scientist of the Year last week in recognition for his research into Plasmodium knowlesi, a specific type of monkey malaria that is transmitted to humans via mosquitos in Southeast Asia.

This prestigious award, run by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science, was given to Dr Grigg in recognition of his commitment to groundbreaking research as well as the need for communicating and applying science for the benefit of his community.

Dr Grigg is a clinical research fellow at Menzies School of Health and Research in the Northern Territory. His team’s research has drastically improved our understanding of the treatment and epidemiology of P. knowlesi malaria, and has already changed WHO malaria treatment guidelines that will save many lives in the future.

He has been working in the Northern Territory for 9 years, and is currently continuing his research as part of Menzies’ HOT NORTH collaboration which aims to close the gap in Indigenous health and protect the north from emerging infectious threats.

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