Mental health meets science

The Big Anxiety brings together mental health and science for a festival like no other in Sydney each September. Headed up by the University of New South Wales, the 2017 program boasts a wide variety of events held throughout NSW from September 20 – November 11.

Promoted as an international arts festival, The Big Anxiety hopes to break down stigma associated with mental illness while promoting curiosity, awareness and action. You can expect open conversation at every event held under the umbrella of the festival, with countless opportunities for rich engagement with mental health issues faced by many Australians, young and old.

The Big Anxiety is, at its heart, a call to action. The team behind the festival is attempting to plan accessible events that will spark connections and action in today’s complex society. From challenging conversation to unique relaxation activities, there’s something for every body.

To get involved, check out the 2017 program here.

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