Mawson’s huskies live on in Antarctica


The dogs that made Australia’s era of Antarctic exploration possible have been immortalised this week as 26 landmarks were named after the most important four-legged team members. The huskies served alongside Sir Douglas Mawson and his men throughout Mawson’s Australasian Antarctic Expedition in the early 20th century. The loyal dogs played a critical role in the mission as they pulled sleds with important supplies, provided expedition transport and offered much needed companionship for the men.

The landmarks named after the dogs include islands, rocks and reefs with the most prominent sites named after the most important dogs. You can now pinpoint sites such as Pavlova Island, Ginger Reef and Devil Rock scattered across the Antarctic, all named in honour of Mawson’s beloved huskies.

The naming and accurate positioning of prominent landmarks is crucial for Antarctic research and operations, with satellite imagery allowing better identification of islands and other features in the landscape. So, the dogs will live on and continue to help man explore this wild, wonderful and mysterious corner of the world.

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