Investing in the future of tidal energy in Australia

The Australian Maritime College at the University of Tasmania, in partnership with CSIRO and University of Queensland, have been awarded $2.49 million in support for their new project that is set to attract and underpin investment in tidal energy in Australia.

Tidal energy facts
Tidal energy is a reliable and low-carbon energy source that has huge potential in Australia
Credit: Australian Maritime College

The project hopes to overcome barriers to investment in commercial-scale tidal farms in Australia by mapping the country’s tidal energy in more detail than ever before. This data will enable scientists to predict the potential of tidal energy to contribute to Australia’s energy needs

“With some of the largest tides in the world, Australia is ideal for this extremely reliable and low-carbon form of energy” identified Lead Chief Investigator Associate Professor Irene Penesis.

The project will address the current gap in knowledge and information to provide resources for developers to better understand the potential risks and opportunities available.

The funding support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) signifies an exciting step forward in understanding and harnessing the many benefits of tidal energy in Australia.

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