In the spotlight: CSIRO’s Dr Anita Hill

The Australian Academy of Science has recently elected 21 Australian scientists to their prestigious Fellowship to recognise and celebrate excellence in their respective fields, among them Anita Hill, Chief Scientist for CSIRO.

Anita hill
Dr Anita Hill, CSIRO Chief Scientist
Credit: CSIRO

Hill is best known for her work with membranes. She has improved membrane performance and revolutionised the way that porous materials are designed and used in Australia. More specifically, she specialises in the transport of atoms, ions and small molecules in condensed matter.

It was particularly her focus on the measurement of open volume in condensed matter that earned her this years’ election as a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. The data collected by her team has proved crucial to the development of theory and design rules for membrane performance.

As the Chief Scientist at CSIRO, it’s Hill’s role to champion science and research to Australia and the world. In her eyes, CSIRO is about “excellent science that gets used to benefit Australia”. You can read more about the achievements of Dr. Anita Hill and her fellow CSIRO scientists on their blog.

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