From the vault: Music makes world go ’round

Whether a harmony plucks at the heartstrings or a ballad helps you tune out the world, there’s no denying that music can move you – in more ways than one. So this week, Cosmos decided to jazz up its vault selection with some pieces on the science of those symphonic forces.

Brains react to music like a drug

People who become euphoric over music unleash dopamine, a brain chemical that also induces the sense of reward that comes from food, psychoactive drugs and money. Read more

Music and sex

Music is largely a primeval tool to gain the favour of mates, argues evolutionary biologist Rob Brooks. Read more

Once again with feeling: Australian science tugs heart-strings

Do humans really wear their hearts on their sleeve? An ambitious Australian neuroscience project aiming to translate emotional impulses directly into music is hoping to find out. Read more

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