Food Evolution: The GMO debate continues

The GMO food debate continues with Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new film, Food Evolution. The provocative yet upbeat feature documentary follows experts, activist, farmers and scientists around the world to delve further in to the ever-polarised debate on GMOs, food and their place in our society. Directed by Academy Award-nominated Scott Hamilton, Food Evolution separates the hype from the science to attempt to unravel the debate around food.

The GMO debate is a heated one driven by emotions, fear and distrust often in place of objective truth. Cosmos itself published a feature article back in 2014 about how we perceive the risk of GMOs based on feelings more than just facts alone. In a world more desperate than ever for safe and sustainable food, the team behind Food Evolution want to lay down the facts for a better informed public and a more secure future. 

Food Evolution is screening at venues throughout America this month. You can also arrange a screening for your own organisation or event by getting in touch with their publicity team.


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