Discussing the latest science news with CSIRO

Interronauts, a quirky podcast from the team at CSIRO, is presenting the latest science news to their audience with a positive spin. Putting their ‘rose-tinted magnifying glass’ to science news from around the world, hosts Jesse Hawley and Sophie Schmidt provide insightful and funny banter in each fortnightly episode.

From the antimicrobial properties of dragonfly wings to how our brains can store and remember thousands of faces, Interronauts delves into the latest scientific research to make it accessible, interesting and amusing to consume without coddling listeners.

If you’re looking for an easy and enjoyable way to stay up to date with the most interesting scientific breakthroughs and updates, Interronauts is a good choice. With a range of topics from around the world, Australia and from inside CSIRO, there’s something for everybody.

Visit the Interronauts page on the CSIRO blog or subscribe on iTunes for your listening pleasure.

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