Cosmos makes global Top 10

Cosmos online is one of the top 10 science websites in the world, according to a list published by news aggregator site RealClearScience.

The site’s annual rankings place Cosmos ninth out of 10, and one of only two science publications not based in the US or the UK to make the list. (The other, Gizmodo, also based in Australia, was, with exquisitely poor timing, gutted by its owners the day the list was published.)

Heavy-hitting online outlets that fell short of the Top 10 include The Atlantic, The Conversation, STAT, and New Scientist.

The folks at RealClearScience had this to say about us:

Cosmos is a quarterly print magazine based in Australia, but their online edition is updated daily with wonderfully-reported science content across diverse disciplines. Their writers frequently turn up exciting stories in astrophysics not seen anywhere else.

Other sites to make the list included Science, Nature, Scientific American and Ars Technica.

You can read the full Top 10 here.

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