Rewind: Six of the best from 2020

Did you know the Royal Institution of Australia has other platforms? We’d like to introduce you to some of the content we’re producing outside of our news site, so here’s a collection of great stories, films and education resources curated by Royal Institution staff.

FILM: Underfrog

A young filmmaker looks at the ecological impact of feral horses in the Australian Alps.

EDUCATION: Working in Art Aboriginal Art Chemistry Researcher

Rachel’s fascinating work uses chemistry to understand art history.

ARTICLE: Wine with a touch of eucalyptus

Researchers from the University of Adelaide and the Australian Wine Research Institute discovered complex microbial communities that were a part of the natural fermentation of Tasmanian cider gum. This gum is used to make a drink called way-a-linah through Aboriginal fermentation practises.

ARTICLE: Plastic Fantastic

A remote island is probably one of the most unlikely places you’ll find a 3D printer, but 500km from Darwin Ernest Gondarra (who lives on Yurriwi – or Milingimbi– one of the Crocodile Islands in Arnhem Land) is using some of the latest technology to deal with plastic waste by recycling plastics into 3D printer filament.

ARTICLE: Incredible image of galactic centre reveals a supernova likely seen by Indigenous Australians

Duane Hamacher from the University of Melbourne describes how evidence of a supernova from 9000 years ago could be corroborated against Aboriginal traditions.

ARTICLE: An ancient story of change and adaptation

Insight into environmental changes to South Australia’s Riverland sheds light on how Aboriginal peoples relying on the Murray adapted to climate fluctuations.

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