What’s the science of the Bermuda Triangle?

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By Cosmos

Angie is a year 12 student and wants you to connect the dots. That is, the dots between the kooky conspiracy theories of the Bermuda Triangle.

This million-kilometre square stretch of the North Atlantic Ocean has been apparently swallowing ships and planes since the early 1900s. What caused it? And is it even real?

Angie puts some of the wackiest theories – like alien wormholes and crystal energies – under scientific scrutiny to try and find out. 

Podcast Next Gen is a collaboration between Cosmos Magazine and the National Youth Science Forum. The reporters are year 12 students from across Australia – the next generation of scientists, science journalists and podcasters.

These ‘shortcast’ episodes have been written and recorded by the students, giving them the opportunity to work with real science journalists and editors to make their science concept come to life.

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