Hi Barbie! Movie trailer drops, let’s recap our best Barbie science

Ok, now you – and millions of others – have watched the deliciously pink Barbie Movie trailer (maybe even more than once). What next?

With our commitment to covering the science of everything, Cosmos even investigates Barbie. And you’ll be surprised by the amount of research one tiny doll has inspired over her 60+ years.

Our Barbie science explainer covers all the doll’s controversies from body shape, to gender stereotyping, and did we mention spying on children?

Read here: Barbie: let’s get our sparkle on with the science of the world’s most famous doll

Or, you can listen in to our Huh? Science explained episode, as Cosmos science journalist and child of the ‘80s Petra Stock examines why you might not want to play with some of those vintage toys.

Listen here: Think Pink: The Science of Barbie

Or you might choose to watch, as expert Dr Zali Yager answers the question of whether playing with Barbie affects body image?

Watch here: Barbie dolls and body image

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Along with the new trailer, the Barbie Movie released 24 character posters / Credit: Mashable Composite, Warner Bros.

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