Nature, food and kinship

Bringing Aboriginal food and plant knowledge to a new audience

Most people know that Australia is home to many unique species and ecologies, but fewer of us have thought about how this uniqueness shapes traditional nutrition and other plant uses among Indigenous peoples. Dark Emu: Aboriginal Australia and the Birth of Agriculture by Bruce Pascoe has helped to spark a fresh awareness of Aboriginal foodways among the Australian public. On this panel, Pascoe joins a group of Aboriginal speakers from around South Australia to share knowledge of how nature, food and kinship intersect in Aboriginal cultures.

Cosmos presents this recording from South Australia’s Nature Festival featuring author and farmer Bruce Pascoe, Ngarrindjeri Elder Uncle Major “Moogy” Sumner, artist Sonya Rankine, writer and curator Jared Thomas and Warndu co-founder Damien Coulthard, chaired by Warndu co-founder Rebecca Sullivan. This panel was recorded on the lands of Kaurna people.

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