The palaeo artist: using modern art tools to draw ancient environments

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Palaeontologists enable us to glimpse into the world before time, the life, landscape, interaction between environment and animals. They reveal the climate and how it’s changed over time and how living things adapted to those changes.

Bringing fossils to life is the task of writers and film directors and museum curators, but everyone relies on the palaeo artist.

In the final of our four part series: “The Science and Art of Picturing Dinosaurs,” Jacob Blokland from the Flinders University College of Science and Engineering invited Cosmos into the lab as he was uncovering the past – using tools ranging from ancient graphite, to digital software.

The science and art of Picturing Dinosaurs

Part one: How do you display a Triceratops?

Part two: Should T-rex have had feathers?

Part three: New Australian palaeo book illustrated by hand

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